Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time To Give Up!!

It has been one of the days for poor "Lil i" as we call him here. Lil i, is one of those children that even the "children haters" love. His huge brown eyes with long eyelashes and cute little expressive eyebrows can win over even the most hardened soul. The way he flirts with the ladies at the young age of 20 months is seriously impressive. With his little eyelashes batting and his eyebrows saying it all he puts his little hand by his face and waves at the girls, saying in the cutest little voice "hi." Anyone who sets foot in this maze of children makes sure to stop and fawn over Lil i.

In addition to being a total ladies man, he is also accomplished in bravery. This child will take on anything, any bookshelf, any counter, coffee table, jungle gym, slide, to the point where the other mothers at the park will be freaking out. When Lil i falls, he gets back up, when he hurts himself his bottom lip will quiver and he will try to attempt the impossible again until he gets it right. He doesn't want comfort, he wants to finish his mission.

Today has been a different story though ... similar to my sister and Ms. Sonja, Lil i has struggled with the simple task of walking. It seems everything he does he fails at. He was pushing a stroller and somehow slipped, fell on his head and then the stroller came crashing down on him. At this point any normal human being would have started crying and ran to the nearest adult for comfort .... but Lil i is no ordinary tiny human. He's Lil i, with tears streaming down his face and his bottom lip out far enough to set a cup on it, he got up, pushed me away and set out to find his next obstacle to conquer. And conquer he did. In the world of the tiny Lil i, it is NEVER time to give up!

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  1. Aw what a lil trooper! I hope his parents have good health insurance