Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Attitude?

Growing up with a ton of older siblings, (yes a ton) and a tired mother, I constantly remember hearing, “Joy you better change that attitude,” or “stop with the bad attitude!” The list goes on. But, I remember getting so annoyed because I had no idea what people were talking about!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY ATTITUDE AND WHY IS IT BAD??? It took me forever to figure out what that even meant! (Still not sure I grasp the concept)

That being said, I have a 3 year old that is well on her way to becoming something great. She is smart, funny, sweet, and she has a mean streak that almost makes me proud. This girl knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s misbehaving and every step of her bad behavior is well thought out and planned. So proud.

At one point she had gone too far. A time out wasn’t even an option! Keep in mind … she’s 3. After some flat out mean behavior to one of the younger children I realized something new needed to happen.

My first punishment was she was not allowed to go to the park with the older children, so she had to stay home and do chores with me. Throughout the entire process of doing the chores I am talking to her about how she needs to be nice to the other children and if she’s upset with something she needs to come get me instead of taking care of things on her own.

After all this talking we walk into the garage to get a broom and I turn to her and ask, “why did you do that?” She had a very simple answer. Standing there twirling her hair staring at me with these huge brown eyes she replies, “cuz I have a attitude that is bad and I’m just mean.”

How do you argue with that?


  1. HAHAHHAHAA, it's called karma. :)

  2. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  3. and, please, since when is 3 a "ton"????

  4. Look how can barely count!! Add in the extras and there were a ton ... perhaps you were too busy to notice!

  5. whoops .. I can barely spell ... Look Who can barely count?